Welcome to the Blueberry Forest

A wonderful magical place where you can have fun and learn lots of helpful skills.

The Bears of Blueberry Forest is a series of exciting illustrated stories about a group of furry friends who live in the Blueberry Forest and neighbouring farms. These adventurous tales are designed to teach children how to be Emotionally Intelligent, in a fun and interactive way.

Our goal is to help build healthy self-esteem and self-confidence, and to teach our young ones the skills and resilience needed to handle the challenges of everyday life. By understanding their emotions, kids will have the tools to cope with anxiety, being bullied, and feeling lonely – common emotions felt in today’s world.

Children learn so much better through play and through fun, so we have designed each story with this in mind.



Meet the gang

Hi, I'm Abby!

I love words and I help children to label and identify their feelings. When they know what a feeling is and what it is called, it helps them to talk about it and to tell you what is going on.

Hi, I'm Adam!

I love sports. I help children to use sports and activities to get moving off the couch and away from screens. Exercise is a great way to burn off energy, relieve stress and make new friends.

Hi, I'm Wilson!

I love feeling happy. I help children have fun by doing simple things like dancing, chasing butterflies and catching bugs. Being mindful and enjoying life in the moment is the secret to being happy.

Hi, I'm Michael!

I love feeling calm and ready. I show children how to deal with their emotions, to trust their intuition and develop their own sense of wisdom. Knowing how to deal with everyday situations is guaranteed to help develop their self-esteem.

Hi, I'm Cody!

I’m a biker bear and I love travelling the world. I share fun facts with children to show how people and creatures live. Understanding diversity and ecology helps build empathy and eliminate adversity.

Hi, I'm Molly!

I’m a lamb and I love food. I live on Farmer Joe’s farm, next to The Blueberry Forest. I love showing children how to make tasty food that is good for their bodies and helps them feel good too.

Our Children's Books

Join the bears as they cover subjects such as friendship, bullying, a fear of the dark, birthday anxiety and a fear of failure. Our gorgeously illustrated books will appeal to children of all ages.

Bears at Schools

Brighten up your students day by having
The Bears of Blueberry Forest and Friends visit your school!